Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Hi All,

Did you miss me? ;-) your wait is over and I am overweight here! :D

Here is a brand new episode, this is about our amchi men who you come across every day in your village, but you never noticed them closely.

They are unique and they are all the same, at same time. You may have seen them in awe, mocked at, or loathed! But then they too have a personality.

Here is one such fictional person, Pudye Narasimha. This is his story. (puddi = snuff) and its about his housewarming.

Do listen and leave your feedback - all types of criticism, bitter or otherwise is welcome.

but do comment and if u likes this, spread the word! :)

Jai ho...

ps: old esnip seems to be not working... using SOUNDCLOUD platform.

please do listen it here, rather than on whatsapp and other forwarded messages.. if u hear there, fine, do comment here! Your comment is SREERAKSHE for us and will enable to do more!

please do like my FACEBOOK page and leave a comment there, as to what you would like to hear in future. ?


Kavi-Kavya-Kalpane said...

very neatly done !! Superb comeback !! hats off !

Unknown said...

Namaskaru maamu,
Tummi Sanskrit khain shikkilenchi? udda udda shi ullaitachi! Your hold on the languages you speak is amazing, be it Sanskrit, Konkani, Kannada, Tulu, English and the wide array of topics you touch upon right from panchadika of carstreet to international affairs! I'm sure you must be a techie by profession :) Keep posting new audio blogs its always fun listening to you.


Abhijit said...

Dhanyaa, aad pallo..

(Hasya)Visphota vottu vapas aailo re deva.... :)
devu bare koro

Raghu Bhat said...

Good one!!👍

Raghu Bhat said...

Good one!!👍

Pradeep Pai said...

Back with a bang! Looking forward to many more

King Tut said...

Outstanding, absolutely vintage amchigele flavor. Every self respecting GSB. must listen , if one cannot appreciate lokabhiram you cannot claim to be a true amchi.

Dung Phan Thi My said...

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Prakash Pai said...
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Prakash Pai said...

really super...........

can anyone send me the link of old speeches of Lokaabhiraam mamu? i really missed it...!!!

Vinny said...

Maam, Please upload all your old snippets in soundcloud.

Preethika Shenoy said...

Your soundcloud link is not working. Please upload on youtube.. I have been searching for the theru since 4 months now..

Love your work!

leang heng said...

Nice blog !!!
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Dinesh Nayak said...

Souncloud link is not working........??
I am a fan of Lokaabhiram

Preethika Shenoy can connect to me for the earlier uploads on

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