Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Hi All,

Did you miss me? ;-) your wait is over and I am overweight here! :D

Here is a brand new episode, this is about our amchi men who you come across every day in your village, but you never noticed them closely.

They are unique and they are all the same, at same time. You may have seen them in awe, mocked at, or loathed! But then they too have a personality.

Here is one such fictional person, Pudye Narasimha. This is his story. (puddi = snuff) and its about his housewarming.

Do listen and leave your feedback - all types of criticism, bitter or otherwise is welcome.

but do comment and if u likes this, spread the word! :)

Jai ho...

ps: old esnip seems to be not working... using SOUNDCLOUD platform.

please do listen it here, rather than on whatsapp and other forwarded messages.. if u hear there, fine, do comment here! Your comment is SREERAKSHE for us and will enable to do more!

please do like my FACEBOOK page and leave a comment there, as to what you would like to hear in future. ?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ammi KarkalKaar

Hi Friends,

Its been a long time, since I last appeared with my stories, on this blog. I too missed the fun ;-)

As I was busy with lots of other work, the "come back" didn't materialize. Anyways, I am now planning to be more regular, atleast a monthly appearence. This episode, you will hear next, was done for GSB programme at Mumbai Ganeshotsav. It was good to meet, few great audience, fans, friends and few of those, who were there to criticize. I am grateful to each one of them.. :)

I for sure, have lost touch in making scripts right now, but will make good one in future. This is evident in the post, as one of my friend, who matters said, "you were all over the place... :)" I can't hit a jackpot everytime, I know my limitation.. But hopefully, by being regular here, I will get back my old form... :))

This episode, is in general, about GSB men.. I have just chosen, Karkala as an example, as I am close to this place. This particular episode, is not made with hitting at anyone or make mockery of any individuals. I have utmost respect for all the names I took. And I know the large hearted community members will also bring a smile and forget and comment on this.!

PS: This is pure work of fiction and it will be purely coincidental, if it resembles any person, living, dead or seriously sick. :) Cheers... Please do comment and enable be to come in future too..
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May Durga Maa bless all of us... and this navratri bring health, wealth, prosperity and happiness to all Her devotees,


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Teru_rathostavu.. :)

Hi All,

I am back after my exile..its been a year since I started my Blog Experience. I thank all those who made it possible for me...

"Ajabhavendraadymara vandita==bhajaka jana bhaagyodaya"

The time is auspicious...KODIAL TERU.... I have made a episode based on my experiences on TERU and Rathostavu around my native place. I Apologise If I make any un-due comments.. This may not be hilarious, but I feel it would be informative atleast.... I am missing the fun, I am sure many around the world are missing it too... This one is for them.. May GOD BLESS ALL OF US!!! Happy listening...
"Srinivasa venkatesha Govinda!!! Govinda"

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I expect all your comments(brickbats/Bouquets anything :D)... I hope my limited audience will do that, it would encourage me to continue my journey... :)

ps: Did this episode in Hurry!!! and I have used some lines of Legend Bhimsen Joshi tracks... I hope no one minds...

PrayMaadi, Tune Maadi

Monday, February 11, 2008

Udara Nimittam-- Vyaapti_Udyogu_vyavasaayu

Hello all,

Been a long break. I am here with one more episode.!! We GSBs have shown our capabilities in all the fields. Education, banking, Hotel industry, doctors or engineering. well, software engineers are my target this time!! luv u all, no offence ( I know how difficult is ur profession ;)).. Just take it with a pinch of salt, a bowl of salt rather...

Happy Ganesh chaturti to all listeners well in advance.. Have fun!! do comment.. :)

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work maadi-


Naari-baale ani Amchi Baaylmanshyo...

Dear Friends...

Yes, hehe.. I am back wid something new... Or is it age-Old.. :p

Amchi women and their gossip/culture and soem customs they follow... Hope u liek it and do comment..

Yatra_tatra_sarvatra Naryestu poojyante....... ramante....

Listen to it urself...

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Laugh n Luv Maadi

konks culture n poetry... ;-)

Hello All...
Sowie, skipped couple of weeks cos of my other COMMITMENTS.. :P

Anyways, this week i have spoken for about 30 mins...

I was happy.. so went on speaking almost about everything... :D
Hope you all listen to this and introduce ur kid to Radio Idli..

Dedicated to All the Amchi kids around the world n also a "dear Fan"... Bear with my singing though!!

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tune maadi

Road ani Mangloor Bus... :D

Heylo folks,
hehe, yeah I m back... its been longtime..8)

There are two things I find very tiring....

first one is recording and uploading into e-snips ( which is evident from my irregular post :P)

And the second one ofcourse is Indian Roads.... For more listen to this... n leave ur comments :D

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